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I Chiengmai was an independent Thai kingdom from the 8th century until a series of invasions by the Burmese in the late 18th century. After several year of occupation at the hands of the Burmese, the city was liberated by The Thai general/king Taksin. At that point, Chiengmai became a part of the larger Thai nation. Chiengmai remains the longest continually occupied city in Thailand.

The stairway to Doi Suthep

The entrance to Doi Suthep

Main prang, Doi Suthep

Bu Ping palace, Chiengmai

Bu Ping palace, Chiengmai

The King's rose gardens

Note the traditional Thai doorway architecture

View from the winter palace

View from the winter palace

Varchiratharn Fallsl

Moon & Ron at Varchiratharn Falls

Doi Inthanon

View from Napamaytanidol Chedi

Napaphonpomisiri Chedi

Napaphonpomisiri Chedi gardens

Napamaytanidol Chedi

Mae Sa Waterfall

Karen Village rice mill

Karen Village house

View from Mae Sa elephant camp

Bath time

Close up

Working demonstration

Massage for the trainer

Going up?

Locals at Mae Sa

Wat Chieng Man; stairway head

Wat Chieng Man; stairway head detail

Wat Chieng Man

Wat Chieng Man detail

Wat Luang Prabang interior

Wat Luang Prabang

orchid farm

orchid farm lotus ponds

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