Solar Tracker Project Image Log

Note: This project is an extension of the original installation which can be viewed here:


The existing system for this installation had become inadequate due to increased power needs. Limited space for panels made the choice of a tracker a logical one for this installation. Additional batteries completed the upgrade.

Tracker and location:

Tracker on the roof

The tracker is on a rooftop immediately adjacent to the roof hosting a 12-panel fixed mount system.

Zomeworks UTRF064

The Zomeworks UTRF064 was chosen to accomodate the 4 additional panels needed. Installation was done on a rooftop using a custom fabricated mount consisting of schedule 80 steel pipe welded to a support structure composed of 3/8" plate steel. Pole height is 8'.

Base Detail

Detail of the base. the 3' x 3' base is secured to the top of the concrete slab using 8 1" diameter stainless rods. Concrete slab is 6" thick 4000 psi concrete with 8" OC #5 rebar. In addition to the storm collar, 4 stainless ring lugs have been epoxy and expansion-bolt mounted to the slab (in background) to allow for 3" wide ratchet straps to be placed over the panels to secure them in case of typhoons.

Base Plate

On the bottom of the slab, the base connecting rods bolt to a 1/2" thick 3' x 3' steel diamond plate.

Connection Detail

The 4 panels mounted to the tracker are connected via a series of flexible and rigid conduit.


The additional 16 batteries were placed in a room adjacent to the existing installation (door pending)